Running Programme

The Epic Running programme has been designed by our elite coaches to give you the maximum training benefit. Both the weekend and week-long running programmes are constructed to allow you to give everything you have got to every session.

Daily runs form the basis of the programme but we combine that with technique and speed sessions, core sessions, gait analysis sessions and group work. We vary the terrain and we vary the scenery. By the end of each day you will be tired but not so exhausted you can’t get up and do it all again tomorrow.

We cater for a range of abilities and the coaches carefully structure the sessions based on what you tell us in your pre-course questionnaire and the first run together. Each session will be tailored to the individuals’ needs. As long as you can run 10km comfortably, you are coming to the right place. And for the faster, more experienced participants, don’t worry – you’ll find it hard to outpace our fastest hare, who runs a sub 2.30 marathon.

In the evening, there are lectures and discussions. And if you have gone for our week-long premier option in Morocco then  on the middle day of the Camp, there is a full day’s cross-training hike in the Atlas Mountains which you can see from our venue.

Our aim is to make you stronger, faster, fitter and ready to go on and achieve your goals.