Are Epic Running Weekends suitable for me?

This is the question we are asked by many runners

As runners we usually fall into a category that matches our goals:

  • ‘New to half marathons – want to run them with more confidence and better recovery’
  • ‘Started running for weight loss and health – a runner in the making’
  • ‘30 plus miles a week – looking to develop speed over distance’
  • ‘Returning to running after injury -want to build up stamina and stay injury free’
  • ‘Training for first marathon – need tips and training plan’
  • ‘Running as part of a multi sport event – need to develop speed work and racing skills’

So for which category of runners are Epic Running Weekends suitable?

To answer that lets look at 10 things that all runners have in common:

  1. Passion for running
  2. Wish to promote long term health
  3. Motivated by personal targets
  4. Have the will power and strength to reach goals
  5. know that to achieve success involves effort
  6. Always focus on what is ahead not behind
  7. Enjoy the camaraderie of shared experiences
  8. A taste for adventure and exploration
  9. Embrace running as a lifestyle choice
  10. Enjoy the sights and sounds of the outdoors

And now lets look at 10 benefits of attending an Epic Running Weekend for all runners:

  1. Cross training to engage different muscles, increase upper body and core strength and improve running efficiency
  2. Exploring training methods to help you set up a plan to reach your goals
  3. Trialling fueling strategies to find what works best for you and your digestion
  4. Long trail runs to discover your sustainable pace
  5. Running on varied terrain to build strength, improve balance and range of motion
  6. Discussing the prevention and treatment of injuries
  7. Fabulous scenery and fresh country air
  8. Understanding the importance of diet for running performance and health
  9. Analysis of gait and body movement and correction of biomechanical imbalances
  10. Hill sessions to make you stronger, healthier and faster

So come, enjoy and reap the benefits on an Epic Running Weekend whether you are an experienced marathon runner or have never run further than 10 km

Fantastic weekend, great food, great people, great running. Thoroughly enjoyable way to spend a bank holiday. I learnt alot about my running and diet. I will definitely be back.