Sports nutrition is a cornerstone of our programme at Epic Running. During the time you are with us, you will eat a perfectly honed and balanced diet to fuel your training and we hope you’ll find it is as delicious as it is healthy. It is not a weight loss camp, although some of you may lose some weight. Every meal and snack has been carefully planned and balanced and we will be sharing some of the recipes with you so that you can try them at home. We will be discussing nutrition and there is the extra option to follow up with the nutritionist either during or after the camp.

We do not give you large meals or massive portions but we do feed you very, very well and everything tastes really, really good.

There are regular meals and snacks every 3 to 4 hours to:

Balance Blood Sugar Levels providing a steady supply of glucose to your body throughout the day. When we allow our BSL to dip through missing meals not only does it leave us feeling tired and irritable but also results in cravings and poor food choices.

Boost Metabolism allowing your body to turn calories into energy at a faster rate

The choice of foods is crucial.

Complex Carbohydrates (wholegrains, fruit & veg) that release their energy slowly into the bloodstream helping you to feel fuller for longer and control your appetite

Protein to help maintain muscle mass (the amount of muscle tissue you have determines your metabolism), sustain energy levels and encourage fat to be burnt as an energy source

Essential Fats (nuts, seeds and oily fish) vital for our well being including brain and nerve function and balancing hormones

A large variety of foods needed to provide the complex mixture of nutrients to achieve optimum health