Our Destinations

Whether you want a quick and dirty weekend of training in the UK or a longer, full week in Spain, Portugal or our premium destination, Morocco, Epic Running has something for you,

In the UK, we have started our camps off in the New Forest. Miles of unspoilt country to run in and a perfect place to really stretch your legs out on our Sunday Morning Challenge. We base our camps around the beautiful village of Fordingbridge just an hour and  a half’s drive from London.

Our WOW Factor destination though has to be our camps in Morocco.

With thousands of kilometres of undeveloped Mediterranean and Atlantic coastline, and land borders with Algeria and Mauritania, Morocco is a rugged land of mountains, plains and desert. There are vast tracts of wonderful running country with all sorts of terrain on your doorstep. It’s home to Africa’s highest range of mountains north of the equator, a portion of the Sahara desert and is approximately twice the size of the UK, but with only half of the population. It’s the most western of the North African “Maghreb” countries and lies just across the Straits of Gibraltar from Spain, just a three hour flight from the UK.

Morocco is a vibrant tourist destination with infrastructure and attractions to cater for a range of styles and budgets, but at the same time vast tracts of the country remain almost totally undiscovered. With a culture largely definied by religion (Islam) and geography, it has become widely recognised as the closest true “culture shock” to Europe. Whether that be in the ancient medinas of Fez or Marrakech,where metal workers ply their trade in cave-like holes in the wall, or in remote villages where cloaked figures shuffle into tiny mountainside mosques. Indeed, Morocco is as much about atmosphere as anything else.

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Fantastic Weekend

Fantastic weekend, great food, great people, great running. Thoroughly enjoyable way to spend a bank holiday. I learnt alot about my running and diet. I will definitely be back.