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Desert Running Camp

Our desert running camps are aimed at those competing in the hot, dry desert ultras including Marathon Des Sables, Oman Desert Marathon, Badwater  and the 4 deserts. We take you into the conditions you’ll be facing, and give you the tools you need to reach your goals. You will be running in the dunes and on the flat, dry salt plains, living in a desert encampment and using the kit you will use during your races. It gives you a chance to test drive your equipment, nutrition and yourself in perfect conditions. Our coach has been there, done it and got the lungs and legs to prove it, he is an ultra and a desert veteran. If you are facing your first desert ultra, this will take away the fear factor and give you the chance to work out what you still need to do. For more experienced desert runners, we will help you really push your boundaries in a controlled environment.